Cloth Photography for E-Commerce Business
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Truth behind a Cloth Photography for E-Commerce Business

16 May 2015, Posted by Farjana Rahman Tanny

A French designer said “Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”- Coco Chanel.

If you want to sell your manufactured products in online you need to make it visible on your site with some accurate images which have to be displayed nicely. To reach your global customers it will be counted as one of the important channels to promote your selling items. In every social network the photos are likely the most vital elements for your fans. The most noticeable thing is that having great or bad pictures can change the percentage of sales volume. Taking high quality pictures of clothing is tricky, so here we try to help you to do with some proper guidelines. Hope you will be benefited from this article-

Essential tips for capturing clothing photograph:



Create Shadow effect:

Select the right shadow effect for your image for presenting your image wisely; when the size of the light source is larger than the subject you should apply soft shadow and for the small light source compared to the size of the subject you can use hard light for your photograph. One of the most influential uses of shadows is for the creation of contrast to construct an impressive effect.

Select a suitable color for your background and create the infinity curve:

Sometimes a white background can express your product so nicely and sometimes any other dark color can do the same it, but for creating more focus on our subject you should use white color. For a clean and pleasant view you can create an infinity curve for your background like placing a piece of white paper or fabric and bend it to create a curve. Then your product will set on the center of the photo and turn into one of the item to capture the viewer’s attention.

Select a perfect angle:

You can go for some unusual image for capturing a unique point for your product view. You can take multiple captures to find out most impression and attractive particular angles.

Use a tripod/ monopod and the camera’s built-in timer:

To minimize camera shake and maximize accuracy you can use a tripod or monopod according to your requirement, you also can use the built-in timer to avoid those shaking related problem.

Don’t remove the original picture:

You can modify your image whenever you want as the picture, but if you delete the original one you may be losing the chance for getting a new vision from the particular image.

Finally edit your selected photos:

It’s too hard to get a perfect attire image without digital editing. By editing you can make the mannequin invisible, change the original color of the cloth, remove the wrinkle from the cloth and so many things. One product photographer can do this part by themselves or they can go for professional editor as like as we (Phototrims) provide. We provide our service in exchange of an affordable pricing package by our most efficient and experience workforce.



Select a suitable place for placing your product background as you want to display your clothing products:

Use mannequin:

A mannequin can give an idea to your customers to understand how they will look like when they wear it. This option also helps the photographer to correctly show off the shape of the cloth.


Display your attire with style:

As a photographer you can present the cloth by folding differently with some stylist way. You can use some different way but you should not adopt any unnatural position to expose it.

Try to highlight the brand name and logo:

As a photographer you should always highlight the brand name of the attire producer because customer will find you by the brand name. Sometimes a reputed brand name can increase the demand of a good photograph.

Always remember a technically perfect photograph is meaningless either you apply your creativity and customization power to expose your subject. You also avoid some mistakes capturing a photograph, such as: not properly represent your product, not properly utilized mannequin to display your product, Not properly set the camera and so on. You should avoid those mistakes and expose your products correctly to express your product quality for your customers.

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