Tips to Improve Your Web Shop Image Content
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Tips to Improve Your Web Shop Image Content

17 Oct 2014, Posted by Ishrat Kaisar Ira

When you are selling your products online, your quality of images should be as high qualified as the products.

Photography plays a vital role both in marketing and sales in the case of product-based business. The photographs should not just have to be visually attractive but also relatable.

Worthy product is not ignored if a photographer follows basic photography techniques. Besides products like- fabric or food while capturing the details of these can mean the difference for a sale. In case of marketing, videos and photographs can boost up user experience and set the pitch for a business—they coherent stability and professionalism, if coordinated effectively. To that end, I’ve gathered five tips to ensure your e-commerce photos and videos perform well.



There is no other choice but to use only Professional well shot photographs. By this I mean High in quality, clean and sharp images. For example, if I put two images in two sides; one is just clicked normally with a usual background and the other one is of HD quality with a bit Photoshop touch up, which one you are going to pick up? Of course the better looking image as you can look through all the detail of the photo. Recognize the power of the Visual.

In order to make it professional, you don’t essentially need to appoint a pricey photographer. It depends on the nature and size of your product; consider investing in a light box. If you can’t spare the cash, you can try a DIY solution. Especially if you don’t own a high-resolute DSLR, a light box will help soften shadows and dispense light evenly for minimal photo editing. But for a great web shop image content you must have to invest your money in a high definition image.

 Show the Product or Model Image from Every Angle : It is a great way to allow your audience or buyer to give the chance to examine the product they are planning to buy that is to see from the 360° 3-dimension or what we call 3D. It is the best way by which you can clarify each and every other angle of your product and also can gain the trust of the client.

re-sizing      color_correction

Use Multiple Photos:
It is a simple method by adding a number of pictures and keep those showing off from every angle. You can also display the Multi colored difference of your product.And for professional web page looking you must upload the images as the exact size and amount.

Product Rotation :

There are so many trendy web shops offering 360° spin photography because of it bringing good results. To apply them properly you will need Javascript or Ajax type plug-ins.

Use a tripod, light studio and a 360 spinning system for instance Arqspin for high quality results.

Make GIF animations More Avail to Your Site:
It is better to grow with the trend. That is what makes your web store the best and unique in every sense. It is better to show different views and features by GIFs that bring your page to life. Try not to use complex images in this sector because it does not work swiftly as with simple images. Maintain a balanced setting of animations that does not hamper to load the page at least to make it more user friendly. Normally this is an eye catchy thing just keep it simple.

 Exhibit Enlarge Images to Show the Details:


In this modern age zooming and panning has a new way to show. Now you can just use a little plug-in that can make your image larger than the thumbnail. It means you can see the picture only by pointing the cursor on it you do not even need to click that picture or go to that link.

Some of the latest E-commerce packages like Open Cart, Prestashop, Magento and Hikashop have their own inbuilt zooming feature or have a plug-in/ extension that you or your web designer can add to offer the functionality.



There are four basic steps of product photography.

 Setting up the Product is really important. No matter what is the type of the product is, the photographer must shoot the Details of the particular product. The customer should get the whole idea just by looking once the picture.

 Light is the second most important part of photography after setting up the product. Light and shadows can make a big difference with the photo.

 Camera Setting is the third most crucial part of actually any photography. You have to maintain an average status that does not make it too artificial or too normal photography. Make the best effort to present it accurately. Remember customers can not touch therefore they should have the feeling to buy only by seeing. Set the internal color control, size, exposure and everything that affect the camera focus.

Last but not the least is the Editing part.

object-remove (1)This is perhaps the most important step of product or any web page base photography. This makes your photos to the next level and makes them pop. If your camera is properly figured and all the light setting is on the perfect places then you are on the way to get great photos. Yet sometimes there are some factors like unwanted colors and objects that could not be eliminated during shoots that is the very moment when you could definitely use some help from Photoshop and edit things that might cause a bad photo. These post-production tasks are now is accomplished by some of the Companies without damaging the quality of the image. Here is an Article detailing some ideas of this kind of services in low price scale service provider and why would you choose and whom to choose.



The last tip is to exhibit your products in action in its natural environment. This is a special technique by which buyers can easily relate with the product or the service you are promoting. This also helps to memorize the product or service and makes a different stand out from the competitor websites.But make sure you are using the best and unique texts and graphics on your site. This imaginative kind of themes heighten up the possibility to get more likes and shares on Social Medias and it is a great news for your SEO and Marketing.



You can make your Image contents more popular with SEOs only by using Tags or Meta-Tags. This is quite a process by which you can get more response through search engine and all. You can check out our other Blog to get the clear idea how you should optimize your web-shop images. To make your web business run as a winner you have to add Tags on the Image content to make it more reliable and strong. Here is a little demo to make things clear.

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