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Best Ways to Optimize Your Web-Shop Images

29 Oct 2014, Posted by Ishrat Kaisar Ira in Web Shop

Leveling on image search needs both the optimizing images and page elements to endorse the status of those images in search as the optimization of image and image sizes so that they can fill up the loading faster and improve page speed. Now here is…

Why You Need Photo Retouching or Restoration Service?

22 Sep 2014, Posted by Ishrat Kaisar Ira in Retouching

Photos or Images are the medium to magnetize people. And this is the collection of good photography and of course good old memories. However, it is not easy to get the perfect picture always. Often a little retouching and restoration can assure highest spotlight and…

Tips to gear up your PhotoBiz

08 Aug 2014, Posted by Ishrat Kaisar Ira in Photography

There are so many talented photographers who want to start their own business over photography. By PhotoBiz, it means to start and grow a business over photography as a full-time profession. To make the image look presentable photographers need to work on the post-production part…