Recipe of Great Images for E-commerce Site
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Recipe of Great Images for E-commerce Site

21 Oct 2015, Posted by Fatema tuz zohra

When we talk about e-commerce site both some positive and negative impression knocks into our mind. It is a place, where customers trust on your site, reputation and the images of product without touching, feeling, testing or smelling. So, ultimately the flashier, testier, good looking images catch the customer’s attention and make them to buy the product.

Once, when it comes to marketing for e-commerce site, the first thing came to mind was PPC ,social media marketing but now the time has come to understand the importance of content marketing and images are the majority content for e-commerce site.

Now, when everyone knows the importance of images for online product selling, it’s time to concentrate on how to implement it in a better way. As in cooking adding more costly spices doesn’t end up with a great dish, similarly for image processing only doing a lot of photography and editing doesn’t bring out a masterpiece. You need to know the measurement, precision, exercise and different editing process for images of different use and finally some finishing touch to make your image highly presentable and delicious that becomes almost impossible to avoid.

Here, I am trying to share some recipe of image processing that can be very helpful to understand the logic of handling images at the back end and presenting successfully at the front end to run your e-commerce site with great images. To make the process more understandable I have broke down the content into four pieces.

  • Product photography solution
  • Product image editing solution
  • Product image apparel solution
  • Image uploading solution

Product image editing solution

Base on the current status we can say that online shopping is becoming the ultimate way of shopping, though it still has a lot to improve to gain customers satisfaction and trust. But it’s drastically raising its number of competitors and to be in the competition; everyone is tiring to make their ecommerce site the best, which actually making the improvement faster.

Images can lift your online selling, marketing and branding:

Images ensure the first impression of people about your product, brad and site. It is the one big major factor for e-commerce business that can change the total status of it. If you concentrate well on the images used in your site you can also be a successful online business holder. Online e-commerce business is more than 50 % dependent on the visualization and you can overcome the barrier of feeling a product by touching and feeling a product by visualizing, only by using high quality product images.


So, when we talk about images, we can see from examples that top ranked e-commerce site as like Amazon, E-bay are now making terms and code for using product image. It makes clear that only using high quality image is not sufficient for now. It needs to satisfy some specific requirements. Here’s a brief discussion on what factors should keep in mind during product photography and image editing.

PhotoTrims product photography

Close view: During online shopping customers always want a close look of the product and zooming option doesn’t satisfy it as they cant see it entirely. So, put an image that gives a close view of the product.

Actual size: Great quality photography or image editing doesn’t mean to convey misinformation. So, click an image that shows the actual size and feature of the product.

Color sample: Try to capture the original color of the product from a close view. A color sample image can add a trust bridge between your brand and the customer.

Angle view: To present every angle of your image, it’s important to take picture from each side. As like, from upper view, bottom view, side view and inner view.

Detail image: The small details of the product can be added by clicking zoom photography of the small parts to give a clear view of each and every part.


After getting high quality raw images from photographer it always needs editing .This is the most important part, especially for e-commerce site as it demands some specific features for making the product images e-commerce ready. Below a brief discussion is done one the required image processing for e-commerce site.

Clipping Path: For product image editing clipping path is a frequently used and very important technique. Clipping means extracting something. It is used to extract any image or image part from the original image for further editing and use.

E-commerce site demands images with clear white background and clipping path is very useful to attain this. It can also cut out your product photography cost as you don’t need to click several images to cover the details part of product. By clipping path it’s possible to select and extract individual part of product, so a clear detail view can be easily provided.

PhotoTrims Product Image Editing

Image Masking: Image masking is needed for treating complex images which cant be accomplish by clipping path. Masking means hiding something as like its name it hides the unwanted pixels from the image.

Image masking is very useful for exposing subject, removing background from very complex images as like waving hair, flame, smoke, glass, chiffon and any kind of transparent and semi transparent photography. No matter how professional is the photographer, it’s not always possible to arrange a suitable background and it also raise the production cost and harassment. So, by using image masking service one can avoid all these pre-production cost and complexity.

Color correction: Color correction is very important for all type of images. It’s the first step of image editing to fix any color or tonal problem. When it comes to product image editing then color correction has a very vital role to play,because catching the actual color is not always possible by the photographer.

Ghost mannequin: This technique is especially required for online clothing site and garments sectors. It gives a clear view of product image by adding front side, back inside and bottom inside. To know more use of ghost mannequin you can read our blog why you need Ghost Mannequin service?
It’s a very interesting and useful way of presenting only cloths with an invisible mannequin effect. It helps to present the cloth in a more appealing way and gives a 3D look which helps to sell more in online.



For fixing image apparel liquefying is the most powerful tool is being used. It can bend, push, pull or turn pixels according to editors wish .It is basically used by model photographer to shrink the models body or make the eye a bit bigger, in other word with liquefying tool you can do a plastic surgery on the model without being a surgeon.

For e-commerce site as said before, the finishing touch is a mandatory before presenting any product and liquefying is the tool to put the final spices on any product image or model image used for presenting product, so the image can be complete and presentable.

It is mostly used for evening the length of pants or sleeve, re-positioning the height of shoulder, removing creases and folds, smoothing the outfit, puffing bags and shoes and removing the wrinkle or shaping models body.

Image resizing:

Resizing is the most frequently used technique for image apparel. It’s done for all kind of possible product groups, used in e-commerce site, industries and garments. When you are running an e-commerce site, you better know the importance of faster page loading time and it’s nearly impossible to get if you don’t bind your uploaded image size.

You need to resize image when you need to upload them to your website or any social media site within a moderate size as like 100 to 200 kb without much compromising the quality.

Product re-coloring:

Often a product has several colors and need to shoot and retouch each image separately but color correction can solve this problem and save the cost of multiple shooting, editing and the most valuable time.

With this magical technique you can add different version of color to a single product image by creating a mask around the area needed to recolor. You can even add several textures to a single product image by this process.


After photography cleaning unwanted light, camera reflections, dirt, scratch, fold, dust, printing error or color error on packaging is really helpful to save a lot of money and hard work of re-shooting.

Product retouching

It refers to a set of editing to make a product more attractive and presentable. As like enhancing light and color, adjusting shades, replacing level, smoothing creases, legibility improvement for text, focusing details. So you can Eliminate Your Snaps Fault through Photo Retouching.

Model retouching

It’s important to make the model striking and beautiful whose presenting your product. Model retouching is highly useful for this. It includes evening skin tones, removing wrinkles and bags under eyes, eliminating pimples, birthmark, tattoo, scars and reshaping body.

Shadows and reflection

Shadows and reflection is used to give a product natural look. It can be done in different color, depth and intensity. Even it includes removing shadows of original image. It add a 3D look to the image that makes it more genuine.


So after all the hard work, you are finally at the last stage of image processing. You have all the images, retouched, resize and ready to upload. Still you need some advice and precaution to take before uploading.

  • Never try to upload all your images at once.
  • Try to categories the images according to the product category and upload in small portion.
  • Try to keep the image size within 100 to 200 kb to keep your site speed faster.
  • Always check your internet connection and speed to avoid interrupted upload.

A quality minor image editing for your online store can bring a major change in the sells result. If you use high quality product images as your marketing weapon then it will surely bring a great result as the images are creating great impression at the first look.

It’s also important to use original images took by you or your photographer. Using duplicate image will greatly harm the image optimization for search engine, no meter how good is it? So, if you use unique quality image on your site it will set a level and brand of your site that will make your e-commerce site everyone’s favorite. To know more about image optimization check our blog on Best Ways to Optimize Your Web-Shop Images .

So when you combine high quality image, following the pattern for e-commerce site, it will definitely drive customer’s attention and increase the number of visitors. It’s really important to make sure that uploading quality product images never hampers for anything and for that hiring an image processing agency can be very helpful. If you hire a professional image editing service provider as like phototrims, you can leave the responsibility of image editing for your site on them and can concentrate to other important issues.

So, be updated about all recent trends of e-commerce site and take good care of your product images because, it is the online business holders who are taking the next steps to become integrate and drive revenue.

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