Ghost Mannequin effect service why you need?
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Ghost Mannequin

Why you need Ghost Mannequin service?

24 Mar 2015, Posted by Farjana Rahman Tanny

At present online fashion industry is one of the largest growing sectors globally. If a brand is not online then they are really not giving themselves a chance to increase sales. In this business a good picture can raise the demand and popularity of a product, especially in clothing business.
A clear full view of a product image is essential to capture your target customer and also for succeeding in online business. However, it is not so easy to get a perfect picture always. For operating e-commerce business, you will need to hide the mannequin layer to express your product view properly. The process of making the mannequin invisible is called by Ghost Mannequin.
Ghost mannequin editing is another name of neck jointing image service. It is one of the famous services for photo manipulation. It is one of the successful ways to effectively show your product unique shape and fit. Generally it focuses on e-commerce business, especially for garments related product.
Ghost Mannequin effect

Generally Ghost Mannequin means expressing invisible body form behind many of the clothing images. This service is used for e-shop, fashion photography, professional clothing photography and ready made garments. It is the fastest way to accomplish ghost mannequin effect – meaning through-to-label shooting and fewer artifacts to remove in post-production. This service is not only important for online business but also for marketing and advertising for TV, print, in-store, outdoor, websites and customized catalogs.

Ghost Mannequin effect

In online business, customer may not be getting the chance to see the specific product face-to-face before purchase. So for giving a basic idea it will be the most essential parts to express your product full view. This service will be benefited both of the customer and the seller too; customer can view the full 360 degree view of an image of a product without discomfort and seller can get more popularity by online picture publishing.

PhotoTrims is the name of a worldwide image editing service provider. As our other services we also provide Ghost Mannequin Effect Service. For this service, one thing you should make sure that  your product fits on your mannequin or model well. For creating a full front view of an outfit, we need two or three separate images with the mannequin shot. For this service we take maximum 20 to 25 minutes and our charge starts from $1.5 and can vary with complexity.
At present our services are trusted by over 200 professional photographers, e-commerce, digital advertising agency, online retailer and so on. Among them, some are becoming our satisfied customers and following us.
If you need this service for your product just upload and submit it to us. We love to love to do it!

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