Tips for food photography
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Tips for Capturing Yummy Food Photograph

23 May 2015, Posted by Farjana Rahman Tanny

These days Food Photography is a hot topic because it’s no longer exists just for great recipes and writing. A good outside food picture can obtain their customer’s eyes or maybe convert their mind to purchase their product. Some cook loves to share their handmade food photos with the recipe for their friends and family on social media. Through social media some of the users like to share their food snaps with tagging the restaurant name. Like this way the reputation of a food shop can be increased, so you can understand the benefit of a good food photography.

Today we want to give some advice for new food photographers to learn about taking better pictures of your food and also to develop your own style for taking delicious photos of the food you make and eat.


Tips 1- Use less food than usual:
Don’t try too many overlapping elements on the food plate. If you use less food than usual serve then it will be looking great for taking a snap.
Tips 2- Choose a contrast color background: If you selected a contrasted color (like, for red color food you can use green color as a background) for focusing more on your food for attaining the foodie attention.
Tips 3- choose a suitable location for setting as your food background: For making more beautiful picture you can choose outdoor scenario as your food shot background. Whether it is a journey to the farm to capture fruits and vegetables ripe and ready to pick, or creating an outdoor entertaining event, an on location shot is one where the weather may become a concern.
Tips 4- Choose simple design crockery and tableware to represent your food photograph: A simple design crockery can express the actual beauty of a food item. You should keep in mind that an uncomplicated background as like as normal design tableware can create more focus on your food snaps.

food photography 2

Tips 5- Capture the ‘yum’ factor: If you want to use a human model you should highlight their expression depends on the food taste and never ever touch the stylist’s food because if you do this you will lose the creative look of the food.
Tips 6- Vary the camera angle: Your subject is not a moving one so you can enjoy the benefit of capturing a still subject photography. Only one tricky task for you will be selecting the right angle for capturing the most perfect snaps for giving a yummy look for the foods. You should keep in mind that your customer is not reaching the food place right now, but though your capture you can set their minds for tasting the heavenly flavor of this.
Tips 7- Apply artificial light if its require: Some photographer prefers natural daylight for capturing food, but if required you can use a large diffusion source to create a stunning, soft light effect that will fall over your set. Try to pay your attention to to lighting, background, camera angles, composition and exposure can produce great photographs and it can also produce mouth-watering results when carefully applied to food.
One important thing you should remember that photography is an art and food photography is totally depends on you; how you represent your subject to your viewer. Capturing food, like capturing anything else, can be satisfying when it goes well and frustrating as hell when it doesn’t happen, you can adopt some strategy or follow some methods to get an excellent result. If you fail to capture the expected one you should not worry about it because some online professional photo editor are here to correcting your fault.

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