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Christmas Offer Blog

01 Dec 2014, Posted by Ishrat Kaisar Ira



It is the most beautiful time of the year. So on this Blog I am going to talk about the “Big Offer” PhotoTrims is making available for a Whole month. In this season of holidays and hundreds of offers are exploding out from all kind of physical shops so why not we bring you the Christmas special offer that is going to launch at the Cyber Monday.

This offer is going to be for the customers who will purchase $50(+) service(s). Offer will be starting from 1st December, 2014 and will last till 1st January, 2015!!!

There is no limitation with the services, So you can choose any service and of any level. 10% discount is open for ALL for a WHOLE month. To get the offer valid you just need to Type “Merry Christmas” in the descriptions where you would place the order. Simple, right!? So what are you waiting for get into the hall and enjoy your 10% OFF NOW!ordernow-red1

Christmas Offer

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