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Recipe of Great Images for E-commerce Site

21 Oct 2015, Posted by Fatema tuz zohra in Photography, Retouching, Web Shop

When we talk about e-commerce site both some positive and negative impression knocks into our mind. It is a place, where customers trust on your site, reputation and the images of product without touching, feeling, testing or smelling. So, ultimately the flashier, testier, good looking…

Some Ways or Tips for Learning Photography

20 Jun 2015, Posted by Farjana Rahman Tanny in Photography

If you are interested in photography as your favorite hobby then you can take a look on this article, we hope it will help you for making a photographic career in near future. • Get an institutional course in photography: Before getting admitted into a…

Tips to gear up your PhotoBiz

08 Aug 2014, Posted by Ishrat Kaisar Ira in Photography

There are so many talented photographers who want to start their own business over photography. By PhotoBiz, it means to start and grow a business over photography as a full-time profession. To make the image look presentable photographers need to work on the post-production part…