Few Steps for Beginning a Headshot Photography Business
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Headshot Photography

Few Steps for Beginning a Headshot Photography Business

25 Feb 2015, Posted by Farjana Rahman Tanny

Are you interested to start a Headshot photography business? Then you are in a right place and this article is for you. Here we will try to help you by giving some important steps for starting a professional headshot photography business.At first you should learn a clear idea about this type of photography criteria. Don’t be upset, you don’t need to search a lot; we will help you to give a brief idea about headshot photography and its business requirement in a short way.A headshot is a specific type of portrait photograph which represents one person’s head to shoulder look (especially emphasize on facial expression) for branding or advertising.
headshot0Normally professional photographers are hired for capturing professional Headshot photography; such as: entertainment industry, modeling industry etc, doing this for covering their marketing materials.Often celebrities use a headshot photograph for their social media sites and their “about us” website page. It could be a portrait of full face or full body with a background which symbolizes the person’s personality through the picture. Sometimes one person’s different expression headshot photo will be required for giving a clear idea about their role play on a drama or film. It also can be used for nonstandard resume for a model, singer, actor etc.

Since becoming a professional headshot photographer the most important thing is you should represent what you really want to look like and create a relationship with your audience (those people who is seeing your photograph) by exposing your model personality and characteristics. You should follow some necessary steps.



Collect equipments: For capturing professional headshot you should use a suitable camera, lens and other camera accessories to present perfect photograph to your client.

Background selection: Select a suitable background to represent your subject expression; using customer choice background is preferable.

Lens: For taking headshot photograph a 70-200 mm f/2.8 zoom lens is highly recommend. You can also use 50 mm f/1.8 lens, 135mm f/2 or 85mm f/1.8 for this purpose.

Lighting: For indoor headshot photos photographers are using flash, strobes and reflector for lighting. Recently they are using beauty dish for lighting effect and for outdoor shot photographer prefer natural light but sometimes they use a reflector.

Make-up: Make-up is so important for headshot photograph that thus not to mean customer regular make-up will be same for the headshot shooting day.


    • Face look: Headshot makeup should be done professionally. You can appoint a make-up artist for this service. They will advise the customer about the look suite with their profession.
    • Hair style: Sometimes only hair style can change your overall look. Always try to go for the look which will suit the with your personality rather than fancy look.
  • Dress-code: Actors and models dress-code should be matched with their character and other will go continue your professional dress-code.

headshot3Capture perfect facial expression: Sometimes headshot photograph will be used for representing a specific character for a role of a drama or film; for this purpose photographer should capture the appropriate expression of their model.

Guide for their expression: A professional photographer should observe on their clients’ outlook and also should guide them. Because no one can understand better than a photographer which looks set on their client for presenting their personality through the headshot.

Select the best one: As a professional photographer try to capture multiple photographs of your client and select the best one to describe their specific personality.
Edit the photo in proper way: A perfect photograph without editing may not be possible sometimes. Editing can be done through many ways like eye color changing, eyes dark circle removing, face color tone change, spot remover and so on.
headshot4One photographer can do the editing part by themselves or they can go for professional as an outside editing provider like we (Phototrims) provide. We provide our service for an affordable price and submit it within a specific time period.It depends on your requirement.

Background changing: Sometimes photographer changes the background of a picture for making more emphasis on their model like blur the background, lighten the background into a darken background basically for outdoor photography.

Go for natural look: Although we get a proper picture through editing but natural look is more preferable for any type of headshot.[/vc_column_text]


Set your target customer: You should select your target customer who can provide you more profit and try to contract with them. Generally headshot photography is done for expressing on person’s personality but it is also taken for business purposes like modeling portfolios, TV advertisements for skin products, magazine advertisements for creams and other skin or hair products, online industry profiles, Annual reports, Linkedin, Company publications and websites, marketing materials etc.

Communicate with your target customer:After targeting your customer, you should set the communication path to connecting them; here we try giving you some ideas for this-

  • Make a professional website, social website page to connect with your customer.
  • Attach your biography with your latest work.
  • Make a customer comment part of your site and review their comments regularly.
  • Send greeting message to your customers.
  • Observe your target customer social website profile for knowing more about them and understanding their personality.
  • Try to cover your customer preferable photographic topics through your blog, website, social website etc.
  • Always try to observe your competitor activities to reach your customer in a proper way, but don’t try to copy their activities.

Give importance to your profitable customer: Try to observe your profitable customer social profile for understanding them better. You can offer discount price for them, send them an occasional greeting like sending them an e-card, by voice greetings etc. Never Underestimate the value of retention because a satisfied customer can bring you a new customer. Always attempt to follow 80/20 rules for doing your business.
Provide information: Provide broad information about your service portfolio, price list with your available package, shooting time details, customer preparation information etc. You can include customer feedback option regarding your service, sometimes it will be working as word-of-mouth.
Web site promotion: You can provide local search engine, Google placement, search engine advertisement, local directory submission through your website.

Cost consuming: One photographer can do the editing part by themselves or they can go for professional as an outside editing provider. Here the important point is outside editing cost will be lower than other one because if you do editing by yourself, you need to hire more employees and also need to provide them proper training to doing this service.
For an outside editing service provider you can choose our (Phototrims) service, we offer different types of editing services with affordable price. Our experts are looking forward to giving you their services.

Finally, you should keep in mind that practice can make anyone perfect. So you should keep practicing for improving your photography skill. Try to visit other famous photographer’s work through their website or any other media. And the most important thing is that you should keep great personality with a smiley face to understand your client’s choice and try to satisfy them with your work. If you are able to satisfy your customers, they can bring you another new one like 80/20 rules. Total Visit : 114